How to deliver correct sessions

In order to create 100% usable data you will need to make sure of a few things. The most significant things to check are listed below, starting with the most important.

Head movements

Head movements are making it more difficult for the system to correctly track your eyes and being able to use your session. A sneeze or a yawn will render the session useless as our algorithms will not be able to extract any data and your session would not be usable. Therefore, remember to always keep your head perfectly still and centered while only moving your eyes. Movements like in the moving image below is not ok.

A great way to ensure that the head keeps still is to rest your head on your hand, while keeping the other hand free for mouse movements. During any eventual survey questions it is OK to look at the keyboard in order to answer them. The system does take this into account. 

Head placement

To make it easier for the system to see and track your eyes, please sit as close to your screen as possible.

Device placement

Your device need to be securely placed on a table or a desk. It is not possible to have it in your lap as the recording will not be stable enough for our system to process. If your device moves during the session, it will lower the accuracy and you will not be able to deliver usable data.

If you have a stand-alone web camera, it needs to be placed on top of the screen to make sure it can track your eyes correctly. You can not place it on the side of your device as it will skew the results and you will not deliver usable data.  


If the room is too dark, your face will not be visible and our system will not be able to track your eyes. Please make sure the room is well lit up. Please also make sure that you do not have any lights or any windows directly behind you, these lights can saturate the image and make your face too dark as well.


Reflections in glasses may cover your eyes and make the system unable to track your eyes, if you can see without please remove them.


Some of the medias will contain audio and in order to correctly track your eye and facial movements you need to make sure your sound is turned on.


For more info and support. Please email us at [email protected]