Web-based  Eye Tracking

Multiple state-of-the-art computer vision tracking algorithms communicate to identify facial expressions and eye movements in 3D, allowing for the most accurate tracking possible, even when people move, lighting changes or the face is partially obstructed.

Eye-tracking data are filtered for quality, aggregated with survey and emotion data, and then made available in the platform's Results page and through the API.  

Average X accuracy: 64px/4.5%/1.8 degrees*

Average Y accuracy: 65 px / 7.0% / 1.6 degrees*

* Data recorded from 768 people who were recruited from online panels and run through standard experiments for four hours. % of screen width for X and % of screen height for Y.



With Sticky's survey tool, customers can add common questions in seconds.  

Survey data is aggregated with eye-tracking and facial coding data in the platform's Results page.  

If more advanced questions types are required, when you sign up as a Researcher, integration with top survey tools such as Confirmit, Qualtrics, Sawtooth, Survey Gizmo, and Fluid is available.



Photo by wgmbh/iStock / Getty Images

Emotions are captured using various facial coding technologies.  

Emotion data are sent back to the platform and aggregated with Sticky's eye tracking and survey data in the platform's Results page.

When measuring the impact of video and other content, the intensity of emotions defines message resonance. This correlates with the share potential, and therefore the likelihood that the content goes viral.


Cloud Platform

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Sticky's technology operates on an auto-scaling, secure, and state-of-the-art cloud platform, which gives you 24-7 access to the experiments and data anywhere in the world.  




Simple Participant Experience

The platform is designed to maximize data quality while making the experience for the participant as efficient and fun as possible.

If you sign up as a Researcher or API customer, you can embed Sticky's software into websites, external survey platforms, other panels, emails, tweets, posts, and even integrate the platform into your own project using javascript.



Sticky Crowd

Sourcing panels for experiments can be a challenge due to the new technology. 

Sticky provides a solution, the Sticky Crowd.  The Crowd is a US General Population panel totaling more than 4 million panelists sourced from multiple panel companies, who we train and manage on how to successfully take your experiments using web-based cameras.

Looking for more targeted panels?  If you use our Managed Service option, we will help you source target panels. We have relationships with most international panel companies, providing you with an efficient way to test in any country.